Something New {Tybee Family Photographer}

I photographed my daughter briefly at this spot on Tybee a few years back. I had been wanting to do a full shoot here, so I was so happy when this family suggested our session be there! The lighting was gorgeous, everyone was dressed perfectly and I just happen to know the dad all the way back from high school. Easy session here folks!

Sweet Siblings {Savannah Family Photographer}

I met the mother of these two sweeties when our daughters had dance class together a few years ago. They are such a beautiful family and I loved spending a sunny evening on Tybee with them!

Best Friends {Savannah Portrait Photographer}

These two are very special people to me. I met them years ago when our children went to preschool together. Our friendship is unlike any other I've had! Kristina asked me to take photos for their 10 year wedding anniversary and I was so happy to do it. We started the day off with a boat ride. All great until Nick's phone accidentally got dumped into the river. Later on while I watched their children for them to go on a dinner date, they got a flat tire on a bridge near my house! I thought they may not want to do the session after such a stressful day, but nope; they went with smiles on their faces and you'd never know what kind of day they had.

Emotions {Savannah Elopement Photographer}

I am a hopeless romantic, extremely sentimental and I cry over everything. This wedding fit all of the "Make Stephanie Cry" material. This bride's mother was the sweetest lady and I felt honored to photograph such beautiful detail and emotion.

The Coulters {Savannah Maternity Photographer}

Photographing this couple was beyond easy. She was straight from the pages of a magazine, and he looked like the love child of Leo Dicaprio and Zac Efron. Even better? They were so sweet. They traveled to Tybee for this session from Texas! Always a joy to share my favorite spot with people who have never been there. They loved it.